Fender Telecaster from 1976 in absolutly mint condition owned by Joe Bonamassa him self. This 100% original beautiful looking Tele comes with it’s tags, manuel and original black hardcase like it was straight from the musicstore.

This might be the best sounding and playing 70′ Telecasters Ventura Guitars ever had in the shop. The tone is super crispy and warm on all pickup pos. and the feeling is almost unreal since the guitar is so clean as it is. No scratches on the back and only e few marks on the sides and a totaly clean neck. Playing this 1976 telecaster totaly shoots down all prejudice you might have for the Fender guitars from the 70′

This Telecaster was picked up in Rumble Seat Music in Nashwille in 2021 where Joe Bonamassa was trading it in with some other stuff and the pervious owner bought it right there on the spot.


SOLD D. 29/4 2023