1961 Gibson SG Special Les Paul. Here is one of the first SG models Gibson made with P90 pickups and in a very good and Original edition. Let’s start with the History of this guitar that came to Denmark in the mid 60′ and had one original owner before Ventura Guitars took it inn ten years ago. The bridge was changed before the Danish owner got it from the USA and was a common thing to do since the schaller bridge seems better than the original and strings could be adjusted but the original bridge is incl. Like many other SG models this one had a repair from the 80′ at the head and by the input jack. It was made by a Pro guitar builder Kenneth Brögger and well made. Otherwise the guitar is in original shape. This guitar is really good sounding and plays well and is a pure joy to use….Comes with the original hardcase.

SOLGT D. 31/5 2021